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Joanie Sings... Joanie Sings...
Joanie as Adele
A Stunning Tribute to the multi award-winning Adele - as seen on "Adele at the BBC".

Hello! It's me!

With bespoke lighting and full stage set up, my tribute to Adele is unlike any other.

Proving very popular with after dinner and hotel bookings, the Tribute incorporates some of Adele's trademark humour and friendly chat along with trying to recreate the singer's famous voice, singing all of your favourite songs from the albums 19, 21 and the latest album, 25, as well as a few you might not have heard before.

And maybe a particular Bond theme?

The whole night is then topped off with a high energy Pop Party set, featuring your favourite songs to get you on the dance floor!

I featured on "Adele at the BBC" singing alongside the woman herself! Yes, really! I was one of the Adele tributes she tricked!

Here are some stills from the show and The Youtube video - see if you can spot me!

  On Stage with AdeleOr is it Jenny

You will not be disappointed with this tribute.


Here's my latest Facebook entry... please feel free to be my friend. J xx
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