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Adele Ordinary Girl 80's Show Scottish Pop & Rock Audio / Video
Joanie Sings... Joanie Sings... Check out a few of my videos below - all recorded live!
And there's also that Adele sketch as seen on Graham Norton's Show, it's on my Adele Page.
Please feel free to click through to my Reverbnation page for some more mp3 music samples. It'll open a separate window so you can keep looking through the site as you listen.
Joanie's Reverbnation Page
A Sample of my Show... From a few years back.. Nutbush!
December '63 Brass in Pocket
You Spin Me Round Highway to Hell - yes, really!
A soundcheck at Scotlands Hotel, Pitlochry. Getting ready for an Adele night. The  video that helped me to meet Adele, Showing an earlier light display that's not used now.

Our Adele set up at Scotland's Hotel, sped up for your enjoyment.
Can you spot Al stopping to scratch his beard?
Here's my latest Facebook entry... please feel free to be my friend. J xx
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Adele Scottish Pop & Rock GJWtHF Pop & Rock Audio / Video